What we do

Editist provides personalized assistance to not only copy edit your documents but help you develop your ideas, formulate your arguments and structure your document to get your message across.

Developmental editing

I can help you find your approach, define your parameters, and refine your argument. I want your writing to be clear and convincing.

Copy editing

We do this too! In particular if you need help cutting down the word count, I am the editor you need. I specialize in succinct writing.

Approachable writing

I can transform your overwhelming, dry or underused training manual, industrial documents or company documents into approachable "how-to" guides that people will actually use.


PhD dissertation in culture and education

"Her experience and expertise helped me maintain my arguments from start to finish. She caught phrases and changes in tone that could have been problematic to how my dissertation held together! Thanks so much!
The Editist was able to navigate all 300+ pages of my dissertation to help me strengthen my argument, stay on track with my analysis, recognize additional contributions from my research, and avoid possible problematic areas."


PhD Dissertation in Education

"Judith was a life saver for me at the most difficult times of the writing of my dissertation. Her compassionate way of communicating combined with her professionalism and prompt responding with detailed feedback was so amazing for me. I am so grateful for working with her. I highly recommend anyone who is writing anything and needs validation or confirmation of their intentions being conveyed in English to work with her."

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